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DPR Construction


Re-design DPR's company slide deck and create a library of content for future presentations

Tools Used:

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Powerpoint, Apple Keynote

Complex project, simple approach

DPR is a highly successful construction company and one of the best companies in the U.S. to work for. They build some of the most complex and beautiful structures in the world.

When DPR came to us with the task of re-designing their slide decks we were excited. This was a monumental task and the client agreed we needed to take a minimalistic approach to story-telling. Our first job was to conduct a study of the current designs, understand why they aren’t working and come up with a winning solution.

A new approach

We started by studying the content and goals behind many of DPR’s presentations – we wanted to be sure that what we created was both functionally successful and visually successful.

It was apparent that we needed to tell a complex story (as complex as building Stanford Medical Center, for example…) in as simple and effective way as possible.

Style and hierarchy

We developed a style guide and hierarchy plan for the content. This included a modified color palette for presentations, specific brand font usages and a new way to tell their wonderful story.

"We exist to build great things"

This was the motto that kept ringing in our ears. Everything would come back to this. It’s the companies soul. It’s what they live for. It’s what makes them the best at what they do. Every slide needed to tell this story.


Building things isn’t about rolled-up blue prints anymore. It’s heavily infused with technology – complex, advanced technology. It can feel overwhelming when you hear what it took to build a massive data center or a vivarium project (think: Genentech Cell Culture Plant). It was a value to show context for content. Digital imagery would get a digital device frame. Real photography would get a “real” frame.

Bullet points!

Every presentation has too many of these. We gave our client more ways to present points of thought. It’s important that the audience doesn’t have choice overload in a presentation. If you put a newspaper in front of a human – they will scan the headlines – breezing over an important point you might have wanted them to see.

Even more so – in a live presentation – there is an audible / visible presenter. Try to read 12 bullet points while listening to someone tell a story…


DPR has some incredible statistics. In previous presentations they were lumped together and thus their impact was reduced. We came up with some great ways to show off impressive stats.

Projects and schedules

Our client needed elegant ways to show previous project information as well as building schedules. Instead of using busy-looking documents, we stripped the most important information out and arranged it into a simple and easy-to-understand method.

Diagrams, Data

It was really important that diagrams and data visuals didn’t feel clunky. They needed to be integrated into the story and not feel dropped in.


Our client often turns presentation into interactive, personal presentations with clients. We gave them a nice visual method for manually navigating content on the fly.

Content library

Our client needed an efficient method for creating new content without compromising the integrity of the designs. Together, we came up with a plan to create lots of assets within the presentations to make putting decks together much more streamlined than in the past.

Here is a preview of the extensive assets we created.


This project was hugely successful and we can’t give enough credit to our client. DPR truly lived up to it’s reputation as a classy, smart, fun, forward-thinking company. When we suggested our approach – we dialogued and came up with a winning solution.

All-together – we created about 100 unique slides for them, set them up for field usage - and there are plans to add and evolve in the future.

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